Do I Need Microneedling / Collagen Induction Therapy?

What is it?

Microneedling is quickly becoming the most popular treatment to reverse the effects of age, sun damage, and other environmental and lifestyle factors we may encounter. It is a skin rejuvenation procedure that improves fine lines, acne scars, and discolorations on any part of the body. This amazing treatment gives patients results as if they have undergone laser treatments minus the long healing time and intense pain.
At our office, we use the Eclipse MicroPen to create tiny injuries in the skin to stimulate collagen production through your body’s healing response. Hyaluronic acid (the active ingredient in fillers like Restylane), growth factors, and/or your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are applied during the procedure to speed up the repairing process and increase collagen production.
After the initial healing period of 24-48 hours, you will begin to notice a more glowing and smooth complexion, and a reduction in the appearance of scars, pores, stretch marks, uneven tone and pigments, and wrinkles. For the most stunning results, Dr. Ng recommends 4 treatments that are spaced 4-6 weeks apart. After these initial treatments, maintenance is determined on an individual basis.

Tell me more about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)!

PRP has gained traction in the media when professional golfer Tiger Woods used the therapy to help repair tissue in his painful knee. Since then, dermatologists have learned to use this same technology for our skin. Platelet rich plasma is derived from spinning a tube of the patient’s blood in a centrifuge to separate the cells. The clear layer is the PRP, which contains platelets and eight different growth factors. PRP improves wrinkles and other signs of aging by naturally stimulating collagen producing cells (called fibroblasts). Since Dr. Ng is using your own blood product, side effects and risks of reaction and extremely limited.

Which topical is best for me?

While beautiful skin can be attained using any of the three topical serums – hyaluronic acid, growth factors, or PRP – choosing the one for you depends on your age, skin condition, budget, and ideal results. Please call our office to schedule a consult with Dr. Ng so that you may discuss these factors.


Image from Eclipse.




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